Alan Frashier, Director

When I saw the product in action, I knew there was NO COMPARISON. More features, more functionality, the product goes well beyond what we expected. I believe this is a great partnership.

Leonard Carter, Vice President, Clinical Services, Crisp Hospital

The 340B MGR from Integrated Informatics, Inc. was recommended to us tby Cardinal. I am happy that we chose 340B MGR. It is the most easiest to use. Our Buyer is not a pharmacist or a tech, not even a clinician. She finds the Product easy to manage and use. Whenever we have a question or a request, we get service immediately and most of the time the CEO of the Company calls us and follows up.

Craig Clark, Director of Pharmacy

We had been using Integrated Informatics POMS Product. Having been a happy customer, we decided to try the 340B MGR from the company. We looked at Sentry, Talyst and Amerisource Bergen. We chose the 340B MGR product based on its functionality, cost and our experience with Integrated Informatics. We are happy with our choice.

Tracy Tomlin (Pharmacy Supervisor and Buyer) and Marie Jackson (Director of Pharmacy)

340BSoftware.com, a part of Integrated Informatics, Inc., is a great company to work with. We have had restrictions from our corporate that our data should reside within our campus (for reasons of HIPAA and future audits). 340BSoftware.com obliged. We use ECHO purchase order system from Amerisource Bergen which is Microsoft Access based technology. 340BSoftware.com interfaced the 340B Solution Manager with Echo and Siemens and then with EPIC. Currently, we are implementing 340B Solution Manager Release 11 and still have the luxury of data and control reside within our four walls and still interfaced with EPIC. We are pleased with 340BSoftware.com the vendor is very customer friendly and responsive. We would recommend the 340B Solution Manager from 340BSoftware.com to any one.

Mark Chapman, Manager of Pharmacy

I have worked with several vendors. I am a buyer supervisor and IT liaison. The best thing is I love is the excellent support offered by the company. The support is timely and to the point. There is no blame game. All is open and direct.

Steve McFadden, Director of Pharmacy

Buyers have caught on to the Product very quickly the human interface is very intuitive. We have already seen the savings in a week.

Mr. Greg George, Director of Pharmacy

Installation is the smoothest that I have encountered. The training went flawlessly mainly due to the fact that the Product interface is intuitive. Our management likes the audit reports. Big relief.

Mr. Paul Carrier, Director of Pharmacy

We like the Product since it is very intuitive, friendly and provided on line documentation and help. The product we had was a desk top application and was expensive.

Mr. Chuck Ellis, Director of Pharmacy

Being a big hospital, we had to jump through lots of hoops with Information Technology department security related issues, outside connectivity, interfacing and need for custom reports for various levels. The guys did the implementation and integration with minimal help from IT. Reports were provided on time and there were no negative attitude when changes in reports were requested.

Julie Larsen, Vice President

The installation went very smoothly. Integrated Informatics people are amazing. Great people to work with. I tried the product yesterday, hands on, it was so user friendly that even I can use it intuitively. I am pleased.

Dan Yates, Asst Director

It is a pretty nice system. Users like the product well. Smooth installation. Has changed our workflow completely for good!