Should a clinician ask a patient how adherent he is in taking the meds? Should adherence be measured?  Who is responsible for ensuring adherence? Is adherence a joint responsibility, or is it solely the patient’s responsibility?

We have developed an app called Medication Picture Reminder. Patients find the app useful in taking the right dose of the right med at the right time with the right documentation. The app is free of cost and is downloadable from the App Store.

You can view a video of the app on YouTube.

We would like to participate in case studies and offer our Medication Picture Reminder app to measure medication adherence. We would also like to know whether machine learning or artificial intelligence is helpful for clinicians in focusing on patients who have more trouble with medication adherence; it may be possible for us to help come up with a solution there as well.

Our goal is to achieve high adherence and reduce wholesale healthcare costs. What is the best way to achieve this goal?