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  • POMS - Paperless Order Management System
  • POMS is a document management and workflow system.It faciliates paper orders and CPOE orders to co-exist in a single queue in pharmacy. POMS makes the pharamcy and nursing workflow easier, paperless and effective.  With an overall reduction in order processing time, POMS contributes to patient safety.

    POMS can be used cost effectively for downtime, including planned maintenance and unplanned outages, as well as for selective orders such as TPN and Oncology. 

    It's an alternative to Pyxis Connect (TM) and OmniLink (TM).  

    * POMS is hardware agnostic - OMS does not need scanners; if you have scanners, you can use them; scanners or fax machines need not be dedicated to OMS; any and all scanners and/or any and all fax machines are supported by OMS.  


    * POMS runs in Virtual Server Environment.  OMS Server can be housed inside your hospital or can be hosted outside and maintained by us.   There is no need IT support, which is a big plus.


    * POMS is cost effective.  The OMS system can be priced on a usage model (number of pages per month) - as the volume gets lower, the monthly use fee gets lower.


    * POMS Product is full functional and integrates well with CERNER/EPIC/MEDITECH.


    * Can be used where offsite physicians fax in orders.